The students and staff of CEDEI School held a Cultural Week from April 21st to 26th.

foto1On Wednesday the 23rd, World Book Day was celebrated with various activities.  Each Preschool class was paired with a class from CEDEI School. A teacher read aloud to each of these groups and then the older students helped the preschoolers completed related activities, such as making books and other projects related to their vocabulary lessons.

On Thursday the 24th, the students performed a concert called “Sounds of the Earth” in the Millenium Plaza Mall.  The children sang songs with a common message about the importance of environmental conservation.

On Friday the 25th, the students worked on maintenance of the gardens and bike and walking paths at the School, in a “Day of Well-being and Ecology.”

The week’s activities culminated on Saturday, April 26th with the Earth Fair, the theme of which was “Healthy Body, Healthy Planet.”  The students exhibited science projects that linked the health of the planet and its inhabitants.  Projects topics included: exercise and healthy eating and how these are related to a healthy planet (for example, the need for clean water and air while exercising); globalization and its impact on indigenous cultures in Ecuador through the effects of food on traditional diets; transportation pollution, alternative transportation, and their effects on health; water resources and use; and the effects of and alternatives to pesticides and chemicals.