Considered one of the most prestigious education systems in the world, the United States offers many advantages for Ecuadorian students wanting to continue their higher education abroad.

Leah Breeden, educational adviser at the EducationUSA Cuenca office, explains that there are actually several reasons to study in the USA. She says that this country offers various advantages, such as the following:

- American universities offer internship programs, and there are options for legal employment for international students.

- There are different types of scholarships for merit, talents, and financial need.

- Once a student finishes their degree, they have better career opportunities throughout the world.

- Students can perfect their English and experience North American culture.

- There are 1000s of fields of study, so students can choose which major they like the most.

- Undergraduate students have the option of changing their major while studying as many times as they want- they can still graduate on time!

For more information, visit us at the EducationUSA office located at 11-02 Gran Colombia & General Torres (2nd floor of the CEDEI Centro building).