Certified teachers, dynamic methodology, and constant practice of the language are some of the characteristic that make CEDEI unique. On May 15 the program will start a new period of intensive classes; registration is already open

At CEDEI all our teachers in the English Program have a certification to teach the language, such as the TEFL, TESOL or CELTA. To this we can add their teaching experience in the classroom since the teachers uses the necessary tools, with dynamic and didactic methodologies to help the student learn and progress in class.

Additionally, the teachers are native English speakers or speak the language fluently. This advantage allows the students to get used to the language and its pronunciation so they can identify the sounds, words and phrases when they listen to English outside the classroom.

For learning to take place, students need to be committed to engaging in the activities and work inside and outside the classroom. This is key since constancy is fundamental for the assimilation of English.

Cultural exchange is another key aspect since teachers and students share their cultural perspective and customs, traditions, and experiences in their countries. To become familiar with another culture is, without a doubt, the best way to understand other realities.