Language learning, multicultural education and comprehensive education are just some of the characteristics of CEDEI School, which is currently open for enrollment.

Those interested can visit the institution to request more information or to enroll their children. The different levels are:

- Preschool - Early Childhood Education: Basic general education.

- Basic general education.

- Secondary School with an international visión.

The pre-school facilities are located in the streets Nicanor Aguilar and Roberto Crespo 3-55; while the school for 2nd grade and higher is located at Km. 1.5 on route to Misicata.

CEDEI School is known for offering a comprehensive education to ensure personal and academic development of their students.  In this regard, the statement promotes values ​​that should be consistent with those learned at home.

The multicultural approach offered by this institution aims to not only teach about other cultures but to accept them and have a harmonious coexistence with the world around us.

Students undertake all activities in English and Spanish from the earliest levels of education. From 4th grade they also learn French.  CEDEI School has a team of national and foreign teachers.

All this takes place while still focusing on the academic aspects. Teachers use the methodology of multiple intelligences, these are, logical mathematical, linguistic, visual spatial, naturalist, intrapersonal, interpersonal, musical and kinesthetic.