Choosing a career can be complicated, for many students who are about to graduate from high school. For this reason, the CEDEI School is carrying out a project of vocational orientation.

The project is intended to give students the tools they need to apply for a course of university study suited to their needs and interests. This is an essential activity within the high school environment, for greater knowledge and personal focus, in order to make the best choices.

The process is complemented by the abilities of each student and their career goals, which is why effective counciling from the school is indispensible for students and their families.

The project is being implemented in various stages. For example, the students spoke with professionals in different fields, on March 30.  The CEDEI School also received a visit from representatives of 10 U.S. universities on April 10.

In the future, the students will have the opportunity to visit several higher education institutions here in Cuenca, in order to analyze the options best suited to their needs and interests. They will also visit hospitals, design studios and professional offices.

In this way, the CEDEI School is involved in the many stages of the educational environment, in order to accompany students and their parents throughout their education, so that they can make the best decisions about their professional futures.