With a city tour in Guayaquil the students of Syracuse University (New Jersey) will say good bye to Ecuador in the following days. This group studied in the International programs office since January 16th.

During this time Syracuse´s students made some activities. For example, they visited the Panama Hat Factory, where they received an explanation about the paja toquilla and its transformation into hats.

All the activities of students are focus to give them a better overview of the Latin-American culture. For this reason they took cooking and dance classes, lectures and visits to historic and touristic places. At the same time they take classes related with their majors and receive credits for them.

An interesting fact about this groups is that once they finish their CEDEI classes, they will travel to Chile to continue with their studies. This group visit CEDEI two times at year.

Other groups that are studying in the International Programs Office are: Spring Semester and Dickinson College. This is how the Foundation CEDEI continue developing relationships between countries in America and the world. This April CEDEI will have 25 year in the education field.