With coordination from CEDEI’s International Programs Department various groups of foreign students will travel to many parts of Ecuador this week.

For example, the students of the University of Texas are on a trip that has a wide array of activities.  They will visit Patate, Misahuallí, Quito, Puembo, the Vicundo Community, Otavalo and the waterfalls of Peguche. In Puembo which is in the sector Los Hongos, they will visit the Plantation Tierra Viva where they will have explications about organic agriculture, composting and the extracts of microorganisms.  They will also learn about the cultivation of plants and raising chickens.  In the Community Vicundo, which is close to Quito, they will spend time with local host families and they will be participating in various activities. 

Their time here coincides with the festival of San Pedro in which they will be able to observe traditional dances and clothes which are rare to see.  They will also be visiting farms from the area to see their organic production processes and the conservation of food plants that are in danger of extinction.   They will be able to try Chicha de Jora and learn about cultural astronomy from the local star maps and constellations from the community.  They will also learn about agricultural practices including harvesting corn and potatoes. They will have the recreational time to play local games including playing with tops and squash races. 

Additionally, a group of students from Dickinson College will visit Otavalo, Quito and the sector known as the Mitad del Mundo.  During their trip through the north of Ecuador, the students will have the opportunity to visit artisanal workshops in Otavalo.  In these workshops they will see a verity of weavings, instruments and other products made by the skillful craftsmen from this region.  After this the group will travel to eastern Ecuador.

The Summer TEFL group is also going to be taking a trip to Principal, which is a community in the county Sigsig.  There they will have the opportunity to give English classes to the women of the community.

The students of Augustana will travel to Saraguro, which is located in the Province of Loja and the students from Syracuse University will visit El Cajas National Park.

All of this is part of the schedule that these students will be participating in which including visits, lectures, and other activities geared towards learning about the Latin-American culture. Additionally these students have Spanish classes which is allowing them to continue with their university studies while they are here in Ecuador.