The students of the University of Texas at Austin (United States) will begin their activities this week with a visit to the organic vegetable farms located in San Joaquin. They will have a hectic schedule of visits to cultural and touristic sites of Cuenca during the next few days.

The students of this group will go to the Panama Hat Factory, where they will see the straw hats that originated in Ecuador. In addition, as part of their learning experience, they will go to the Cuenca water treatment plant, ETAPA, where they will learn about the process of purifying the vital liquid of our city. To finish the week, the university students will go to the National Park El Cajas.

The University of Texas program has been studying at the Department of International Programs of CEDEI since May 31st. Another group in this department is the SUNY Medical Spanish Program, which will experience various activities related to the medical area, since their fields of study are related to this area.

In order to enrich their knowledge, the university students of this program will visit hospitals and medical centers such as the Cancer Society (SOLCA), the Center for Addiction Treatment (CRA), the Hospital del Rio, the Children and Maternal Foundation Pablo Jaramillo, among others. After completing their program in Cuenca, they will travel to Machala, to continue their studies and projects within their area.

Other programs that are currently in the International Programs Department of CEDEI are: the TEFL Program, Augustana College, and Syracuse University. Everyone is here to continue their university degrees in Ecuador, while learning Spanish and other aspects of Latin American culture.