English, French, and Spanish are the languages that are learned daily at CEDEI School.  In order to do this, the educational institution has a team of national and international teachers.
The students use English and Spanish starting at the first levels of education, through an active methodology that constructs their knowledge firsthand.
Multiple intelligences are strengthened in English and Spanish.  This means that each student studies subjects such as mathematics, languages, sciences, and others in both languages, understanding and using the language (oral and written) to communicate and learn, in the native as well as the foreign language.  Clear and correct written expression in the native language is emphasized, as is using art as a means of expression, communication, creation, and exploring aesthetics.
The French language is taught starting in third grade, as another subject.  These characteristics make CEDEI School a unique learning center, which also offers comprehensive learning that encompasses different areas of knowledge.
Enrollment is now open for the educational institution, at CEDEI School, located in Km 1.2 of the Vía a Misicata.