People who register for classes until December 30 receive a discount of $25 plus no cost for the placement exam for the courses that start on January 9. CEDEI offers different options for people to learn and practice English, such as the following:

-IELTS Preparation Course. This test is one of the requirements to be admitted into universities around the world. For this reason, many student need to prepare before taking this test, which is recognized by more than 8000 organizations in more than 130 countries worldwide.

-Speaking and listening courses: these courses are designed so that people can practice the speaking and listening skills. Classes are guided by a teacher who organizes the activities around varied topics, aimed to help the students develop these skills. The courses are organized by levels, according to the knowledge of each student.

-Conversation Club: it focuses on speaking practice. It is also organized by levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Additionally, CEDEI offers regular, intensive and Saturday classes which focus on the development of the language as a whole. The new cycle begins on January 9. Registration is open at all of CEDEI’s location in different areas of Cuenca.