Some parents believe that their children should begin the process of learning from an early age to increase their knowledge and at the same time start the stage of socialization with other children their age as well as others.

The preschool section of the CEDEI School is an excellent alternative for the little ones at home. It is an institution that has different characteristics aimed at building an environment in which the teaching and learning processes-consider the needs of each child.

The Preschool at the CEDEI School has a team of national and foreign teachers who are trained to encourage, teach and support children. It´s located on Nicanor Aguilar 355 and Roberto Crespo Toral.

International teachers communicate in English while national teachers communicate in Spanish. Since a child’s brain in the first few years of their life acts like a sponge and establishes the communication paths in both languages.

Registration the CEDEI School are open at different levels:

- Preschool - Early Childhood Education

- Basic general education.

- General Baccalaureate with an international visión