CEDEI School is planning a special program to celebrate the foundation of society; The Family.  This event will be held on June 10th, there will be an opportunity to highlight and show appreciation for each member of the family.

As part of this celebration, students will participate in various singing and dancing.  For example, Primera de Basica will present  "Mother Earth" The boys in Noveno de Basica will interpret "The ways of life", while Sexto de Basica will sing "Love of my love". These and other songs will be performed by students and teachers at the school.

The value of the family is based on the physical, mental and spiritual presence of people at home, which should promote communication in order to achieve a harmonious coexistence.  Each member of the family should assume their role within the family with responsibility. 

With this activity and others similar, developed throughout the year, we hope to teach students to evaluate and reflect on different aspects of their student life.  It is with this philosophy at CEDEI School that we care about the education of our students, both academically and their personal wellbeing.