"Your hair makes the world more beautiful" is the name of the campaign launched by the CEDEI School, for students to donate their hair for people with cancer. This project took place during the first days of March, with the support of the Families United for Cancer Organization (FUPEC).

Before the hair donations were made, a student committee at the CEDEI School visited all the classrooms of the school to explain different aspects of cancer to all students, including the emotional and physical consequences for cancer patients and their families.

After this stage of raising awareness and sensitivity to the issue, students were eager to donate their hair. The cooperation of parents was very important throughout the process, who authorized that their daughters donated their hair. Some mothers donated their hair as well.

Now that these hair donations have been made, FUPEC will use the hair to make wigs and donate them to cancer patients. FUPEC is a non-governmental organization that helps people and families with limited economic resources, who are dealing with this disease. FUPEC has developed different forms of self-management in order to accomplish this important task.

The CEDEI School for its part promotes the daily practice of values, such as solidarity and support for people who need it. At the same time, the school fosters holistic education, which goes hand in hand with the demands of modern society.