The hiring of English teachers at CEDEI starts several months before a cycle begins. The selection process includes different stages, such as verifying that the teachers meet with all the requirements.

One of these requirements is that teachers have the certificate to teach English as foreign language, such as TEFL, TESOL or CELTA. Another important factor is teaching experience, which needs to be at least six months. Also, teachers need to have a bachelor’s degree.

The teachers that are chosen to teach at Foundation CEDEI also receive teacher training during their stay at our institution and have opportunities to share their suggestions while they are part of the English Program.

Thus, there are different activities with the purpose of compiling teachers’ suggestions and opinions about their teaching experiences, the English program and the CEDEI Foundation, such as the Teacher Forum each cycle. At the same time, this information is used to make changes to the English Program, if necessary.

CEDEI’s teaching experience in Cuenca, where it has educational experience for more than 25 years, is thus consolidated.

The next intensive courses start on August 7. Registration is now open.