Hiring new English teachers for CEDEI's English Program begins several months before a new teaching cycle starts. The selection process includes different stages, such as the verification that the teacher comply with certain requirements. 

One of them is that prospective teacher have a certificate to teach English as a second or foreign language, such as the TEFL, TESOL or CELTA. One important factor is teaching experience, which needs to be of at least a year. Also, teachers need to have a university degreed. ​

Teachers chosen to teach at Foundation CEDEI also receive teacher development training once with us. For example, this past May 29, there was a workshop on assessment geared toward giving teachers more information about different ways that they can assess their students in the different skills of the English language, besides the traditional quiz or exam. This allows us to have a better evaluation of the student.

Thus, the English Program at CEDEI offers quality education, which has been part of this institution for the last 23 years in Cuenca. ​