A group of CEDEI's English teachers participated in the workshop "Developing global citizenship through English Language Teaching" organized by National Geographic Learning Consultant. 

The workshop took place in late November at the Oro Verde Hotel in Cuenca where teachers learned about new aspects related to the teaching of English as a valuable tool to consolidate the development of global citizenship. The role teachers play to develop students' sensitivity was analyzed, so that we all behave responsibly in each of our actions regarding the planet and humanity, thus creating a better world. In this way, CEDEI's English teachers receive training in topics of current interest and​,​ at the same time, Foundation CEDEI fulfills its commitment with the community. 
On another topic, CEDEI's English Program will start its new cycle on January 14. Currently, we are offering a special discount for students who register until December 30. Registration is open at all our three locations in different parts of the city.