“Integrating Speaking in the Classroom” will be the theme English teachers will be involved in through the workshop offered to them this week. CEDEI’s Centro location, on Gran Colombia and General Torres, will be the site for this training.

The workshop will go from 11h30 a.m. to 1h00 p.m., and it is aimed at the English teachers of CEDEI’s Foundation. Agi Orozs will be the teacher trainer in charge of this session.

Workshops are important as they give the opportunity for teachers to share ideas and deal more in depth with different activities that they can use in the classroom to help student participate. This week’s topic will be of great help, especially to encourage students who are not comfortable speaking in English.

Constant practice of the language is key in learning it. For this reason, CEDEI students are exposed to day-to-day situations that motivate them to use this language either by presenting projects in class, talking to teachers, or simply interacting with other classmates.

CEDEI’s English Program offers this type of teacher development sessions, aimed at maintaining the teaching quality that has characterized it these last 24 years in Cuenca.