This week, the students from Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, United States will receive a workshop about the Musical Andean Culture, which will let them know several aspects about the musical style of the Ecuadorian Andes.

In this class, the students will learn the characteristics of the ancestral musical genres and about different instruments. Also, the group will have the opportunity to play some of them such as: drums, quenas, palo de viento, quenachos, and others.

In addition, the group will participate in a ceramic class, where will elaborate diverse utilitarian and decorative pieces, in the workshop of a famous local artist. There the students will know the complete procedure that turns the clay into beautiful pieces of pottery.

This approach to the Latin American culture is complemented with lectures, classes, and visits to touristic and historical places of the country. Definitely, this intercultural experience enrich their personal and professional formation, because the students not only are learning about the culture, but also they are studying their university careers in Ecuador.

The CEDEI International Programs Department is in charge of organizing these activities for the groups and individual students, who come to Ecuador to study in this institution, located in Cuenca, and with 25 years of experience in this area.