Part of the agenda for the foreign students studying in CEDEI's Department of International Programs are activities to help the community. This week, students in the North Park group will execute a service project at the Xavier Muñoz school, located in Tarqui, a few kilometers from the center of Cuenca.

The school will sport a new image once the students paint the walls and playground equipment. In addition, the students will clean the garden areas and donate garbage cans to help keep the school clean. They will also begin the work of recycling and garbage collection. This work will be carried out on Tuesday the 24th and Wednesday the 25th of February.

In addition to this project, students will have other activities such as a talk on "Reverse Culture Shock." In this workshop, the study abroad students will learn about the impacts and situations they may face upon returning to the United States after having been immersed in a different culture.

Other groups currently studying in the Department of International Programs are Dickinson College and the Spring Semester group, who will also have a varied program of activities this week including lectures, visits to tourist sites in the region, classes, and more.