By visiting a museum, one has the possibility to get to know the history of a country and become closer to its culture.  For this reason, the study abroad students who are currently studying in CEDEI's Department of International Programs will visit various museums in Cuenca.

The "Spring Semester" group will visit the "Conceptas" Museum and Pumapungo this week, each of which has its own unique features that make them key places to remember the history of Cuenca and of Ecuador, including religious art, different ethnic groups with their typical clothing, beliefs and customs, and more.

The Conceptas Museum is characterized by a collection of art that is exhibited in 18 permanent rooms.  The exhibits include religious and folkloric paintings, sculptures, toys, furniture, and handicrafts.

The Pumapungo Archaeological Museum conserves ethnographic objects from the Cañari Inca culture.  These reflect the characteristics of the multicultural, diverse country that is Ecuador.  In this museum, the students will attend a talk on Natural Medicine, which will be given by an expert on this topic.  In this way, museum visits are complemented by other activities aimed at teaching the study abroad students about various aspects of Latin American culture.

The Spring Semester group is made up of 11 students who come from various universities in the United States and Europe.  They arrived in Ecuador on January 18th.  Since then the students have carried out many different activities while also continuing with their university studies, as they would in their home country.  Their return is planned for May 4th, when their program concludes.

The Spring Education Program is also currently hosted by CEDEI's International Department.