The groups from North Park University and Dickinson College are in the final stage of their studies in Ecuador.  They arrived at CEDEI to continue with courses related to their college majors while learning Spanish and getting to know other aspects of Latin American culture.
This week, the students will take their final examinations and present projects to complete their studies in Ecuador.  The North Park University students will travel to Guayaquil to explore the "Pearl of the Pacific" before returning to the United States.  The students from Dickinson College will take their final exams and travel to Argentina, where they will continue their studies.
Meanwhile, the Spring Semester students will complete the first part of their program and travel to Galapagos. The second part of their program begins on March 16th.
In addition, CEDEI provides a warm welcome to the Spring Education Program, consisting of students from Iowa State University and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  The students in this group are studying majors related to the area of ​​elementary education.  They will carry out student teaching assignments at CEDEI School and the preschool.