Ecuador's southern region has undergone various changes as a result of the migration of people from this region to other countries, especially the United States.  This phenomenon has led to different consequences.  One of the most visible changes relates to the architecture, which has adopted foreign features, moving away from the typical building styles of the area.
This issue will be analyzed by the students of the Dickinson College program in a talk on "Migratory Architecture."  An expert on the topic will take students to Checa, a rural town located 18 km from Cuenca.  This area is one of those most affected by this phenomenon, and students will be able to compare the different buildings of the town.
This is an example of the experiences that the study abroad students in CEDEI's Department of International Programs live on a daily basis.   The students come to CEDEI to continue their university studies while learning Spanish and getting to know everything about the local culture. 
The Dickinson College group will also have other activities this week such as visits to museums and tourist sites in Southern Ecuador, and pottery and dance classes, among others.  A similar agenda is prepared for the Augustana College students this week.
The Department of International Programs also welcomes people who want to learn Spanish, which they can do through participation in various programs, such as the Full Immersion Spanish Program.