The groups studying in CEDEI's Department of International Programs have a full agenda of activities this week.
The Augustana College program consists of 2 groups of students. Some of them will return to the U.S. this week, while the other group will remain at CEDEI for 5 additional weeks. They will have pottery and dance classes this week and visit the Pumapungo Museum in Cuenca. On Saturday they will travel to the Ecuadorian jungle, where they will visit different places.
The other students from Augustana College will return to the United States on Sunday July 6th.  They will visit the Panama hat factory this week. They will also spend this week studying and working on their final projects. 
Meanwhile, the TEFL Program continues its classes and student teaching. This weekend the group will travel to Principal, in order to teach English language classes.
The Syracuse University program will attend a talk on immigration, a phenomenon that has greatly affected Ecuadorian society in recent years. They will also get to know Latin American culture better through their dance classes and cooking classes, where they will learn to cook traditional Ecuadorian dishes.
The Dickinson College group is currently Cotococha, located in the northern sierra of Ecuador. They will come to Cuenca on Thursday. As part of their initial activities, the students will tour different places in Cuenca. On Sunday they will travel to the ruins of Ingapirca, located in the province of Cañar (southern Ecuador). 
All students will enjoy a special celebration on Friday, July 4th, organized by the Department of International Programs, to celebrate the Independence Day of the United States.