With the main objective of prepare the students to return to their daily activities within their own culture,  the International Programs Department has organized a lecture about the “Reverse Culture Shock” for the Fall Semester in the Andes 2016 group. 

The Fall Semester group has remained in CEDEI since August 29 and the program concludes on December 6. Many times, the experience of living in another country, for a certain time, can generate diverse feelings and emotions that can affect students when they go back home. For this reason, the Department of International Programs organizes lectures such as the Reverse Cultural Shock, which prepares students so that their return does not cause them a shock, and they have a positive reintegration into their own culture.

Certainly, the experience lived in Ecuador will strengthen several areas of their personal and professional life. On the one hand, the group studied in Cuenca and, on the other, they developed activities to learn about the Latin American reality, their customs and traditions.