Different groups of foreign students are currently studying in the Department of International Programs of CEDEI, one of them being the University of Texas, who will travel during the week to the northern highlands of Ecuador.

The trip begins with a visit to the “Tierra Viva” organic farm, located in Cayambe. Here, the students will learn the methods used for growing various types of chemical-free foods. The students will also visit Vicundo, where they will stay with a family of the community to work on several agricultural activities.

Later, they will visit “Latin Flor” a center of cultivation and production of roses. Students will observe the beauty of a variety of flowers, which are exported to several countries around the world. Their next stops will be Peguche and Otavalo. They will visit traditional music workshops and enjoy the skills of Ecuadorian artisans. By the end of the week, the students will return to the United States.

All these activities are aimed to promote full immersion in Ecuadorian and Latin American cultures, which is one of the objectives of CEDEI. In this way, the students will obtain an integral understanding of the culture during their time studying abroad.

In the meantime, the groups of Augustana College, Syracuse University, and TEFL Program are enjoying every day new experiences in CEDEI!