The students from the St. Ambrose University Tropical Biology program will have the opportunity to observe many species of plants and animals in the Reserva Mindo Nambillo.  This reserve is located 80 kilometers to the north east of Quito.  Mindo is considered to be one of the most bio-diverse places in the world. 

The St. Ambrose Tropical Biology Program will arrive to Ecuador on May 23rd and the group will travel to various regions of Ecuador during their three week stay.  During the first part of their stay, the group will visit the La reserve Mindo Nambillo which has very unique flora and fauna including many birds, butterflies, frogs. 

The students will take a tour in which they will observe butterflies and they will have a nocturnal tour in which the group will hear many frogs.  Additionally, the group will visit a waterfall and a clouded forest. 

This trip will be very useful for this group because the students are majoring in areas that are related to field of biology, which is precisely the focus of the activities that the students will participate in during this program.