College students from different American institutions of higher education are at the International Programs Department of CEDEI. Here, the students will continue their university degrees and, at the same time, learn about different aspects of Latin American culture.

Here is a summary of the most important activities of each group.

- Summer TEFL Program: The students will attend classes on teaching theory and practice, in order to obtain their TEFL certificate. Additionally, the students will travel to Principal, a town located a few kilometers from Cuenca in the Azuay province. Here, they will offer free English lessons and participate in various activities with the community.

- Syracuse University June Program: This group is in their last weeks of classes in Ecuador. This Saturday they will travel to Ingapirca and on Sunday they will enjoy a free day. Next week they will travel to Chile to continue the second part of their program in Latin America.

- Dickinson College Summer Program: The students recently arrived to Ecuador and they are traveling through the Ecuadorian Amazon. Afterward, the students will arrive at CEDEI to meet the International Programs team and their host families. The scheduled activities for this week include an orientation tour of the city as well as classes on Andean Music Culture and dance. On Sunday they will travel to Ingapirca.

-Ohio University Summer: This group began their activities on Monday. Their agenda for this week includes a visit to the Museum of Aboriginal Cultures and a lecture on Culture Shock. This lecture will touch on the transition the students will experience when immersing in a different culture. To end their week, the students will get to enjoy the ruins of Ingapirca, located in the Cañar province.

- Augustana College: This program is divided into two groups. The first group will return to the United States in the next few days, after being in Ecuador for 5 weeks. Before their departure, they will attend a lecture on Migration and they will have to turn in their final exams.

The second group will stay in Ecuador for 6 more weeks. They will also attend the Migration lecture. Afterward, as part of their midterm trip, they will go the Ecuadorian jungle to experience the wonders of this region.