This Saturday, the 12th of November, the students of CEDEI School will elect the Student Council for the 2016-17 school year. They will celebrate this democratic process in an environment of fraternity and companionship.

The students who make up the parties running for Student Council this year are:Paula Vintimilla, María Dolores Vázquez, Jessica Amoroso, Johnny Jara, Sebastián Sánchez,  Sofía Ayala,  Andrés Vásquez, Mía Coello, Sophia Bravo, Emilio Racines y Jeremy Pesántez.

Prior to the election the students received trainings with the themes: The role of students in Democratic education and Examining racism, machismo, and sexism in society. The goal of these trainings was to motivate students to reflect on the importance of elections from a young age.

During this week the students continued to increase their knowledge in various areas. CEDEI School offers a wholistic education that is aligned with the true needs of society.