It is important that children be aware of, reflect on, and become involved in current events.  With this belief, CEDEI School organizes an agenda of activities that includes analysis of various topics.

During the month of March, the students of this education institution will address the theme of water conservation.  It will be an opportunity to explain the responsibility that we all have in protecting this vital liquid, through simple everyday actions.

The students will also research facts about the history, tradition, and culture of the United States, in order to understand little-known aspects of this North American nation.  This will consolidate the multicultural learning that CEDEI School offers, as the student body studies a different country each month.

The institution also considers the personal formation of each individual.  The students will reflect on the meaning of responsibility, which is the value that will be analyzed during this month.

At every moment, the students have the guidance of the CEDEI School team, made up of national and foreign teachers and staff, who are trained to guide the student through the learning process.