The capacity to reflect allows us to reach greater understanding and personal development. For that reason, the CEDEI School organizes weekly conversations about topics of interest, in order to generate critical thinking and reflection in the students. This month, the topic is on the value of respect.

In this way, the students share their criteria on this value, and at the same time, express the importance of treating people with courtesy, accepting other criteria, and in general, being respectful. The teachers also give their points of view, in order to enrich the debate.

The form of teaching that the CEDEI Scool offers leads students to strengthen different areas of student knowledge, offering holistic education. All this without leaving aside other areas of knowledge such as math, language, history and the rest.

Currently, the CEDEI School offers all grade levels, including:

-       Pre-school

-       Elementary and Middle School

-       High School with an international focus (through 12th grade)

Enrollment for all grade levels is now open.