The ability to reflect permits us to achieve better knowledge and personal development.  Because of this, CEDEI School organizes weekly conversation groups about topics of interest, in order to generate critical and reflective thinking in the students.  This week the topic was "Humanity."

In this way, the students were able to give their thoughts about this value and, at the same time, express the importance of being understanding and compassionate, that is, to show "humanity" with their peers.  The teachers also exchanged their points of view, in order to instill in the students the importance of this trait.

The teaching offered in this educational institution is aimed at strengthening various areas of the students' knowledge, as it offers a comprehensive education.  The following levels are currently available:

-       Preschool.

-       General Elementary Education.

-       High school with international vision (through tercero de bachillerato)

The academic programs follow a curriculum with national standards in order to comply with all of the requirements established by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education.  At the same time, they follow an academic program in English based on universal content.

Enrollment is now open for all levels.