Preschool at CEDEI School
Different ideas go through the minds of parents, in order for their children to grow and develop properly from the early stages of their lives. Some parents believe that their children should begin the process of learning from an early age to increase their knowledge and start the process of socialization at the same time.
CEDEI School's Preschool Program welcomes children from 2 to 4 years old and is an excellent choice for young ones. It is an institution that has different features aimed at building an environment in which the teaching-learning processes consider the needs of each child.
All this is based on an atmosphere of respect, tolerance, and love for the little ones, with the belief that this will help them build self-esteem, a critical feature for personal and professional success in humans. 
CEDEI School's Preschool has a team of local and foreign teachers, who are trained to encourage, teach, and support the children. It is located at Federico Proaño and Aurelio Aguilar.