CEDEI School motivates and stimulates its students through the organization of various activities throughout the year. Currently the students are preparing to celebrate a "Cultural Week."

This week, Preschool and kindergarten students will celebrate "World Book Day," for which they will invite their parents, grandparents, and other family members to read stories in the classroom.  The first grade through Primero de Bachillerato students will have a "literary gathering," with invited literary guests who will read stories, poems, and novels.

Since Earth Day will be celebrated this week, the student body will reflect on environmental protection during the weekly conversation group, as a time to analyze the actions that help us either to care for or destroy our planet. This will strengthen the monthly reading, which will deal with the same topic.

In this way, CEDEI School is getting ready to celebrate its "Cultural Week" starting at the end of April and continuing through the first week of May. This type of activity stimulates the students' creativity and awakens their interest in learning about cultural topics.

CEDEI School offers the following levels:

-          Preschool

-          General Elementary Education

Baccalaureate with international vision (through all years of high school).