To give more convenience to our students, our branch located on Paseo de los Cañaris and Camilo Egas is moving to the new branch of the Centro Deportivo de los Hermanos Enderica Salgado. We will have new and comfortable classrooms starting on September 18, when our new cycle of English classes begins.

The Centro Deportivo de los Hermanos Enderica is located on Guadalajara street and 24 de mayo Avenue. Thus CEDEI aims to offer English classes to people in different areas of the city.

We will have our Children’s Program as well as our Teenager and Adult Program, offering the following types of schedules:

- Regular classes: 1 hour and 15 minutes, Monday through Thursday

- Children’s classes: 1 hour, Monday through Thursday

- Intensives: 2 hours daily, Monday through Friday

- Saturday: 4 hours each week

As always, classes are taught by native or fluent English language teachers.

Registration for the September cycle will open on August 7 at all of CEDEI’s locations. We will have Customer Service at Paseo de los Cañaris only until August 31 and at the Centro Deportivo de los Hermanos Enderica starting September 1.