During the first week of their arrival to Ecuador, CEDEI's international students receive different types of orientations. These orientations are designed to provide a better perspective of Ecuadorian culture and assure the transition into our country will be easier.  

For example, the Lewis & Clark State College program arrived in Guayaquil on May 18th. During these days, they have been touring the city and having orientation sessions with staff members from the International Programs department. The orientations include valuable information on Ecuadorian lifestyle, how their classes are set up and other details. 

After their time in Guayaquil, the group will travel to Cuenca to meet their host families. The reunion spot will be at CEDEI's main office located on Gran Colombia and General Torres. The students will meet the rest of the CEDE staff before being greeted by their new 'adoptive families''.

CEDEI's Department of International Programs is always concerned about their students adaptation process and they always work hard to lessen culture shock among their programs' participants.