The new session of intensive courses starts on November 9 until December 11.

During this intensive session, we will also be offering the TOEFL preparation course.

This type of class has as its objective to guide students through the different sections of the TOEFL exam so that they become familiar with them and have less difficulty in developing the activities in the official exam. 

To take the TOEFL preparation course, it is necessary to take the entrance exam to be held on Thursday, November 5 at 6 p.m. at CEDEI's centro location on Gran Colombia 11-02 and General Torres. 

Intensive courses are taught from Monday through Friday, two hours daily and last five weeks. In these 5-hour courses students can learn the different language skills. 

Registration of these courses is open at CEDEI's three locations in Cuenca. People interested in them can choose the schedule according to their needs.