Academic quality, adequate infrastructure, educational philosophy and others are part of the criteria that guide parents when choosing a school for their children.

The CEDEI School Education Unit offers a number of advantages, which turn it into an institution of excellence. Part of these benefits are that students learn in both English and Spanish, from the earliest levels of education.

In order for the education to be effective, teachers use the constructivist methodology considering the development of various skills, especially in multiple intelligences, which are logic-mathematics, linguistics, visual-spatial, naturalistic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, musical and kinesthetic.

In this way, students understand and use oral and written language to communicate and learn, both in the mother tongue and in a foreign language. Thus, the language becomes a learning instrument in in the different areas of knowledge in natural, spontaneous and fun ways.

Among the advantages of this school is the constant stimulation students receive to promote their creativity. This is where art, music and the development of other stage talents are shown in the individual search of their talents in the percussion, theatre, dance, and painting workshops.  

The Education Unit promotes activities that motivates students to investigate, question, and in general to stir their curiosity in different areas. To do this, students develop various projects throughout the year on topics as varied as African culture, English literature, or math games.

With dynamic methods, teachers have the necessary skills to guide students through the world of knowledge. At the same time, they strengthen their self-esteem and provide them with enough security so that the children feel capable of taking positive action by themselves.

These characteristics allow the CEDEI School to be a unique center in its class that offers a comprehensive education that encompasses the different areas of knowledge.

Inscriptions for this educative unit are open at the CEDEI School location, located on Km. 1.2 on the way to Misicata.