From the very initial levels at our Preschool, students of CEDEI School participate in daily activities in both English and Spanish.    This approach gives the students the tools necessary to learn a language in a natural and comfortable manner.  

CEDEI School has national and international teachers, students receive classes in both English and Spanish.  The content of the subjects is similar in both languages, therefore the students become accustomed to listening, reading, understanding, speaking and expressing themselves in both languages.

Language is more effectively acquired when the environment around us transmits familiarity and where activities are more spontaneous. Therefore, CEDEI School uses English as an instrumental language, that is, children feel the need to learn the language in order to communicate.

Outside the cultural immersion applied when teaching English, all teachers at CEDEI School base their classes on an experiential and personalized learning, this means that children experience, with their body and senses, all the information that is taught in class which, in turn helps enhance their capabilities.

In addition to English and Spanish, our students also learn French from fourth grade at CEDEI School.  In a similar way as the students are immersed in English, they have the chance to open their hearts to another culture through internalizing and developing their French language skills.

In order to achieve the standards our students deserve, as well as our team of national teachers, we have international teachers from England, the United States, Canada, France and around the world. 

We are now open for enrollment.