Cuzco, Lima and Machu Picchu are some of the places in Peru that our Spring Semester 2015 students will visit during these 2 weeks. They will tour sacred valleys and spots of significant importance to the Incas.

This cultural trip closes the semester for the participants of the Spring Semester in the Andes 2015 program, which began on January 18th through our International Programs department. 

During their stay in Ecuador, the students enrolled in different university-level courses and also participated in different activities such as conferences, workshops, visits, and cultural excursions. The main objective is for the students to have a wider perspective and to immerse themselves in Ecuadorian culture. 

Our Spring Education 2015 program will also be ending soon. During their final stage in Ecuador, the group will tour the coast and will visit the Churute Mangroves and Guayaquil. 

Both groups will return to the United States towards the end of next week.