The Spring Semester students are in their last stage of classes in Ecuador before returning to the United States. As part of their final activities, the students will receive a conference on ‘Reverse cultural shock,’ which is usually a result of a mixture of positive and negative feelings when a person returns to his/her every day routines and activities back home. The talk will include topics such as: how can you deal with cultural shock? Why does it happen? What are you going to miss of Cuenca? and others topics. 

These type of activities are very useful to help students face new challenges when returning home after being immersed in our culture. With conferences of this nature, CEDEI’s International Programs takes into consideration the emotional aspects of their students.

Currently, this department is hosting students from the Spring Semester in the Andes program and the Spring Education program who will receive classes and be part of other activities during this week. The students come from Iowa State University, Wisconsin Whitewater, Syracuse University, Salisbury University, Siena College, and St. Ambrose University.