Helping the community, participating in cooking class and visiting sites of touristic interest, are all part of the enriching activities of the students who form part of the International Programs Department at CEDEI. 

Each week, the students combine their time between classes and and a variety of cultural and academic activities. 

Service projects with the community are a vital part of the activities organized by CEDEI. In this occasion, students from Illinois College will work on a project with the rural elementary school 'Joaquin Malo' located in Sayausi. They will paint the schools' playground, the basketball field and they will plant new flowers.  

CEDEI is also hosting the Augustana College 2015 program. This group will have a lecture on Ecuadorian Ecosystems focusing on Cajas National Park (located 30 minutes from downtown Cuenca). The group will visit this gorgeous park over the weekend. 

In addition, students from the University of Texas Summer program will have cooking class and will learn about the secrets of Ecuadorian cuisine. They will also visit local museums such as the Aboriginal Cultures Museum, las Conceptas and Pumapungo.

In the following weeks, the International Department will receive the TEFL Summer program, Syracuse University and Dickinson College groups.