The International Programs staff are organizing all the activities to be ready to receive the students from the “Summer Programs”. These groups come from Lewis & Clark State College, Minnesota Duluth, Iowa State University, Augustana College, University of Texas, Syracuse, Dickinson, SUNY and Ohio University. 

The students will arrive starting on May 8, which is considered summer time in the United States. As a result, the International Programs staff is working in schedules, activities, coordinating host families, and diverse visits to museums, lectures, cultural excursions and others.   

About host families, there is an exhaustive process to choose the families which will be the home for students during their stay in the country. The main objective is to give them the opportunity to live with a local family, share traditions, to become a member of it and feel accepted in the house. 

On the other hand, the students have a schedule that includes: cultural excursions throughout the country, lectures on different topics, Spanish classes, dance classes and more. All this has the purpose of teach the groups relevant aspects about Latin American culture. 

CEDEI has different agreements with some universities in the United States, so the students that come for each program receive credits for their classes. Therefore, CEDEI fulfills its objective to promote the cultural exchange among Europe and America since its foundation in 1992.