The US State Department has developed the Opportunity Funds Program, which is an educational support initiative for students with high academic potential and limited economic resources.

In Ecuador, the academic advising centers of EducationUSA are in charge of administering Opportunity Funds. This program offers students the chance to apply to universities in the USA, at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Through this advising program, EducationUSA offers financial assistance to confront the costs of the US college application process. Opportunity Funds aims to reduce obstacles, principally economic ones, for deserving students in order to receive quality Higher Education. (This program does not cover any tuition or living expenses in the US).

To clear up any doubts on this topic, the advisors from EducationUSA Cuenca will give a presentation to parents at CEDEI School on October 31. They will also speak about the 5 Steps to US Study so that parents better understand the possibilities of studying in the United States.

Those interested in the Opportunity Funds Program or in Higher Education in the USA can visit the offices of EducationUSA, located at 11-02 Gran Colombia & General Torres (CEDEI Foundation, 2nd floor).