With an interesting story of “A holiday of your dreams,” the students from level 201 begin they classes for the day. This is one of the many activities with which students become engaged while at CEDEI.

This language program is characterized by the dynamic and pedagogical methods for a better comprehension of the language. In each class, students learn to speak, write, read, and listen through activities guided by the teacher.

Additionally, the texts used at CEDEI, apart from having the grammatical explanations for each lesson, have additional and varied reading and listening material. History, general culture, scientific information, well-known people and other information about famous artists are some of the topics covered in these texts.

This diversity of themes helps the students to keep interested and at the same time helps them to learn about general information. Also, it generates conversation among the teacher and the students. Thus, the students strengthen the different areas of the language.

New intensive classes begin on February 20.