To study in another country implies as well to live their customs and traditions. For this reason, the staff from EducationUSA provides information about the way of living in the United States. This piece of information is useful for students who are planning to study in this country.

For example, Christmas time is lived in different ways in the United States. Here are some activities that would help international students enjoy better this season while in the United States.

- Know about traditions: Americans like to prepare food and gather for the traditional Christmas dinner with family and friends. They also like to decorate their Christmas tree and house. Baking cookies is a tradition long-associated with this season.

- Travel across the United States: The winter vacation is the perfect moment for this. Many cities in the country organize different events and especial activities just for this time of the year.

- Celebrate Christmas with other students: Considering that there are many people on the same situation, a fabulous idea could be to plan a Christmas dinner-party with other international students. It is likely from the University to organize activities for the students on Christmas holidays.

-Volunteer at a shelter: Most of communities organize Christmas dinner for the needed ones and are always ready to receive help from volunteers.

- Share your own traditions: Organize an event with other students without forgetting your own traditions could be a great experience.