This is a question that many people ask when they start learning the language. Although this question can have different answers, there are several factors that have an influence on a successful learning experience.

Practice and constancy are some of these factors. For this reason, CEDEI’s English Program focuses its methodology on some of the characteristics that motivate a student to think, understand, and speak in the English language.For this reason, CEDEI's teaching method is interactive, personalized, participative, and communicative. It focuses on the written and spoken language, which allows the student to interact with different aspects of the language.This is achieved in great part through the constant interaction of the student with the teacher and his/her classmates. Apart from getting used to the language through listening, students also have the opportunity to ask questions, present their point of view, and interact in English.

Thus, CEDEI considers students’ attendance very important and has a policy on absences and late arrivals because it believes that practice and constancy in the language are a fundamental factor in learning a language.

The next cycle start on June 27. Registration is open at all of CEDEI’s location around the city.