The process of learning a language arouses concern in some parents. They often believe their children do not understand this language, because they refuse to communicate in this language with their parents.

This concern is common among parents of the school. Humans acquire language better when the environment around them transmits familiarity and where the activities are more spontaneous.

Therefore, CEDEI School uses English as an instrumental language, that is, children feel the need to learn the language to communicate.  As well as the cultural immersion applied to teaching English, all teachers base their teachings on an experiential and personalized learning.

This means that children experience with their body and senses all the information that is taught and in every class learn to value and enhance their capabilities. Children studying at CEDEI School daily recognize the usefulness of this Anglo-Saxon language and value it as a tool of interaction with peers and teachers.

Therefore, students often prefer to use Spanish to communicate with their parents or in a family atmosphere. Children are immersed in English at school and use Spanish to continue the learning process. In addition, they also study French from fourth grade.

CEDEI School has a team of local and foreign teachers who come from England, the United States, Canada, France and around the world to teach and improve the language skills of our students.

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