The International Programs Office of CEDEI has a program of intercultural exchange. This program consist on a Cuencano Family host in their family a foreign college student.

This give the students the opportunity to live closely our culture, customs and language, making their learning an integral experience. The Host Families receive a payment to cover student’s expenses and a scholarship of 50% in our English courses.

Requirements to be a Host Family:

- Be willing to open the doors of your homes to welcome our college students as one more member of your family.

- Have the approval and enthusiasm of the whole family to carry out this program

- Live at a maximum distance of 30 minutes - walking - from our main building (Gran Colombia 11-02 and General Torres).

-Have a single room to our student

- Attend the student with three daily meals (breakfast, lunch and snack) and laundry service.

- Interested families can contact our offices, located in Gran Colombia 11-02 and General Torres