Rapid social, economic, and technological changes demand more professional preparation. Therefore, CEDEI School prepares students with a solid foundation so that they can successfully continue on to their university studies.
Thus, the CEDEI School baccalaureate (high school) program aims to promote an active and participatory role of the student in different areas. CEDEI School's academic programs include a curriculum that meets the national standards and requirements established by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador.
At the same time, this educational institution has an additional academic program in English, based on universal content. This feature provides students with the necessary skills to face the new challenges in other educational realities, inside or outside Ecuador.
CEDEI School includes the following levels:
- Preschool
- General elementary education
- Baccalaureate with an international vision (complete high school curriculum)
To register in this school, students must follow an admission process, those who are interested should visit the school for details.  Registration is now open.