Each year, hundreds of foreigners choose to Cuenca - Ecuador as their destination to continue their higher education. The experience and organization of the Department of International Programs at CEDEI allows their stay to be unforgettable. 

While continuing to study for their college careers, students experience a true cultural immersion ranging from learning the language to living with a local family. Thanks to a well-planned and organized schedule, the university students visit tourist sites of Ecuador, attend courses or lectures on various topics and develop activities focused on comprehensive knowledge of the culture. 

Currently, one of the groups that is in the department of International Programs is Augustana College, made up of students studying various careers as: Communication Sciences, Nursing, Biology, Spanish, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, International Education, Geography, Accounting and Finance, and others.

This week, the group from Augustana College will attend a talk on Migration and visit the Panama hat factory where the famous straw hats are fabricated. Afterwards, part of this group will return to the United States after 5-week stay; while the other part will travel to eastern Ecuador and remain in our country for 6 more weeks.

Similarly, we are also approaching the departure of the TEFL Summer Program and Syracuse University students, who will be concluding their programs in Ecuador in the next few days.

The TEFL group will be returning to the United States to resume or reorganize their daily activities, while students at Syracuse will travel to Chile to continue their studies.

In this way, the International Programs Department organizes the stay of foreigners who want to advance their careers from Ecuador.